Thursday, September 11, 2008

More sometimes is more.

Thurday Story Day.

Since starting this run of Jeanie Sundays (from the Heritage Archives) I have recieved some more New York Herald Tibune Sundays with color versions of this strip in them. Since my run is broken anyway, I will now show you a couple from throughout the whole of 1952. I have also gone back and inserted them into the run of originals (and corrected the fact that I had skipped a whole week of october 1952 strips).

This first one is from Feb 3 1952 and dates from the period when Jenaie was still a one tier strip instead of a daily and Sunday. Gill Fox had a bit more time to do the inking and Selma Diamond didn't have to bother with storylines, so all in all I prefer this earlier version of the strip.

This sample is from may 11, 1952 and is not represented in my run of originals:

This sample from June 1 1952 is only two tiers, but the original I showed a month ago is three. This mkes me suspect that the strip was syndicated to other papers as well, allowing the Trib to drop the bottom tier (a newspaper strip first as far as I know) when they didn't have room for the full version:

This is a big day for me. I finished up an article about Mad imitations for Roy Thomas' Alter Ego magazine (after two years work) and tonight I am going to attend the premiere of an Alan Aykbourne play I translated for the Dutch Nationale Toneel. So I didn't have time to finish my scanning. Here should go the Jeanie Sunday for Oct. 5 1952, but I do have the one after that ready:

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