Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Before Crikey

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Four early B.C Sundays from 1965.

June 26 1965:

July 10 1965:

July 17 1965:

July 24 1965:

In his interview with Rick Marshall (published in Hogan's Alley #2 and available from their website) Johnny Hart said his conversion to Christianity was an unexpected and sudden thing, but this strip and many like it in the early days show that Hart was always interested in the bigger questions of life and often showed the presence of a powerful and even vengeful God. If anything his conversion made him regain the humanity that balanced his cynicism in the early days of the strip.

Additionally her are some of the earliest Sundays of the strip from when he still signed his name with a pictogramic hart.

Sept 6 1958:

Oct 19 1958:

Oct 26 1958:

And one from a year later.

Dec 27 1959:

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