Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Double Moccachino With An Extra Shot of Nerves

Wednesday Ad Day.

I have showed quite a few Postum Mr.Coffee Nerves ads in this blog. But never one of the early ones by Milr Canidd and Noel Sickles, working togeter under the pseudonymn Paul Arthur. My first exposure to these strips was probably in an issue of Hogan's Alley or Nemo. I can't remember seing this one there, and it in color anyway.

there's one more Postum ad (from 1936 even) at, where you can alkso see another ad by the team of Canifff and Sickles.

Sept. 15 1940:

Someshere in the forties the Mr. Coffee Nerves character was revamped and given a jetpack instead of a top hat. I wish I knew who drew these, but I sure like them, silly as they are.

April 18 1948:

Sept 1 1948:

Oct.3 1948:

Jun 4 1950:


Daniel [] said...

Tragically, Postum is no longer made! Mr Coffee Nerves has triumphed!

Smurfswacker said...

Have you ever tasted the stuff? Awful!