Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bob an' Weave

Saturday Leftover Day.

I have shown Klaus Nordling's work on Lady Luck and The Barker. But that was not all he did. Like all major Quality artists he had different series in different titles. He had Shot and Shell in Military Comics and Bob and Swab in Hit comics and probably more. I had always assumed that he only worked on one strip at the time and that he dropped all his other series when The Barker got going and got it's own title. That may still be the case, as I am not that familiar with the Quality titles' timelines. But here is a very late installment of Bob and Swab (from Hit #64), that shows all of Nordling best qualities. The fancy splash image, the Eisnerial composition, the pretty dames. All the work of a great talent.

But my absolute favorite series is Pen Miller, cartoonist detective in Crack. I looked one up especially for you. This is from Crack #50. Okay, it's a simple story, but the figures and the composition are splendid. Lok at the way Pen Miller and his assistant literaly walk out of the story. Now that's smart.

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Daniel [] said...

Those are both fun stories, and I agree that the Pen Miller story is the best of the two.