Thursday, June 03, 2010

Jackety Jack

Friday Comic Book Day

Today I have two stories from Jack Menelsohn's comic book incarnation of Jacky's Diary. I don't know if Mendelsohn got to work as a writer for Dell because of his work on Jacky or if he got to do Jacky because of his work for Dell, but there was only one issue and I doubt it was a top seller. Still, it's nice to se a Dell book done be the original creator. Commenter Tom Devlin said he was interviewing Mendelsohn on his work for the company. Makes me wonder, did he write for Jack Davis' Yak-Yak around the same time? Hence the title? Done by two Yaks?


4bet said...

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Searching said...

Thanks for posting these. My first look at Jacky's Diary was through the Art Out of Time book, and I'm eager to see the balance of that one-shot comic book -- as well as more of the Sunday strips you've shown. Hope you'll be able to put up additional Jacky material sometime. Thanks again,