Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Dogs and Ponytail

Wednesday Advertising Day (sort of).

I have no Lee Holley advertising work or illustrations, so today I am sidestepping to give you some of his employer Hank Ketcham's cartoons (including one Wjeaties ad to keep with the oficial advertising theme of this day). The first one, from november 1949, was used on the cover of the collection of Dennis cartoons done a couple years back by Fantagraphic and still worth the trouble of getting. I was going to ad a page from Treasure Chest that I think might be by Holley, but that will have to wait until friday.

September 9 1949:

November 26 1949:

Februari 2 1950:

September 22 1951:

Sept 22 1951:

And I mentioned that Ketcham lived in Europe for a large part of his career. Here's more about that from an article about his return in 1976.

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