Friday, May 06, 2011

Animaltery, My Dear Gibbon.

Friday Comic Book Day.

Long overdue for a complete collection, Carmine Infantino's Detective Chimp ran for more than 40 issues as a back-up feature in Rex, the Wonder Dog. It was one of the features Infantino was allowed to ink himself, but I think that was in the later issues. Here is an early sampling, but there is much, much more.


The Seditionist said...

Ger: All these stories were penciled by Infantino? Some of the inks are so bad.... And who edited D.C. (and Rex)?

Tom said...

Thanks for posting Detective Chimp! I have the ones that have been reprinted, but just in the last month I decided to really collect the Rex series to get these. I'm a huge fan of Infantino inking himself, and I'm also looking for his Pow-Wow Smith and Super-Chief. Please post as many of these as you have!


Faff said...

This is just great. I love Infantino's work from around this time, personal favourite is Pow Wow Smith. I'd like to see some artist based Showcase volumes and Mr Infantino would be top of my list.