Saturday, May 14, 2011

Master of Composition

Double Sunday Meskin Measures.

With the help of Sandy Jarrell (like last week) I am able to fill in a atory of Mort Meskin's Vigilante, I had to skip earlier. And it's a good one. In fact, you are in for a double treat ig you read the story first and then go to Harry Mendrick's Simon and Kirby blog at the Kirby Museum website to read this story about it, comparing Meskin and Kirby use and knowledge of Greek culture and education the reader about the history of the statue depicted here.

Now, you have to be a member of the Kirby Museum to read this, but believe me, if you are interested in Jack Kirby or Joe Simon or in comics scholarship itself, Harry's weekly updated blog is well worth the price of admittance.

If you go back a few Sundays, I have also replaced the old dull scan of the Vigilante story from Action Comics #84 with a shiny new one by Sandy.

I have also added another story I skipped earlier, thanks to Sandy. It's the third story Joe Kubert inked. Having the opportunity to see these two side by side, I have to say I prefer Kubert's ining to that of Meskin himself here. The young Kubert ads a level of detail and sharpness that really makes the action and the composition come alive. Just look at the different way both artists draw the billowing smoke from the Vigilantes mtorcycle (what a pollution hazard that is, by the way). I don't know why he was taken off this assignment, other then maybe Meskin wanted to ink himself and it might have been time for KUbert to concentrate on his pencilling.

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