Thursday, September 22, 2022

The Easy Way

Sunday Al Williamson Surprise. 

Due to a busy week it took me a little bit longer to get to this post. It's another solid western story by Willamson and Stan Lee. The story is simple enough (when were they anything else) but the art is pretty good and it's a nice reversal of tradition cliché's. WE are now entering the period of TImely/Atals where the coloring had become so simple that it hurts the eyes. In the later days of EC, flat color was often used to direct the eye away from certain areas - wether it was a foreground that needed to be set apart from a background, or a horific explosion that needed to be de-emphasized. But in stories like this (and it certainly wssn't the only one) the flat colors are used willy-nilly, just to have the coloring take less time, less seperation, less whatever. I don't say it needs the modern multi-dimensional computer coloring - but I would to see see this colored the way newspaper Sunday comics were colored in the forties and fifties.


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