Sunday, March 06, 2016

Hey, Kids! Komics!

Friday Comic Book Day.

Marvel and DC are sitting on a lot of excellent reprint material, which won't even get seen until the copyright are truly free and publishers are not afraid for a harassment suit. For instance, the truw importance of Dan Barry in the late forties and early fifties will never be known until someone is able to publish a collection of all his pre-Flash Gordon work for Timely (Marvel), Gleason, Ziff-Davies and DC. Likewise, Basil Wolverton has a ton of stories out there wich won;t ever be reprinted even though it probably is is public domain. Although some of the titles his work appeared in may have been protected, his solo stories, their titles and character probably aren't - but who wants to go up against the Mghty Marvel? So here are two of them, from Kid's Komics #1, the first (and last) issue to be edited by Stan Lee before he went off to the war and the Vince Fago edited #5.

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