Monday, October 20, 2014

Ride Along

Sunday Colan-o-scopy.

With Hopalong Cassidy #88 we really start to see how deeply Gene Colan's work was buried under that of the DC house inkers. His style is still there, mostly in the poses, but most of the faces and shadows have been rendered in such a way that you really have to look to recognize it.

One Page Fun

Saturday Leftover Day.

This week I am selling a couple of Timely teen romance books on ebay. My name there is geapelde. Included in this selection are a couple that have Harvey Kurtzman's Hey Look, as well as one that has a onepager by Basil Wolverton. I had to photograph them for ebay, so I thought I'd share them here as well.

Wonderous Women

Friday Comic Book Day.

These days, Jill Lapore's Secret History of Wonder Woman is grabbing all the headlines. Her biography of the female Superman, her creator, his wife and his girlfriend is certainly fascinating. Of course, Wonder Woman wasn't the only female heroine in comics at that time. Not even in her own magazine, where Carmine Infantino drew Dr. Pat, Gil Kane drew Astra and Emil Gershwn Lady Danger. Also, in (almost) every later issue of Sensation Comics (the home of Wonder Woman) there was a short story about some significant female hero of history. The first few are drawn by Paul Reinman, but among the later lot there is also a very special one by Joe Kubert.