Sunday, January 25, 2015

Toth All Over The Place

Friday Comic Book Day.

In the late forties Alex Toth drew three Green Lantern stories for DC's Comicbook Cavalcade. He was still learning his craft under the tutilage of editor Sheldon Mayer, but it is fun to see how fast he grew over the course of three consecutive quarterly issues. And how much of his designer/storyteller was already there. If you look closely at the splash pages, you'll see that these stories were ofte made long in advance of publication and shoved around quite a bit. The first story (in CC 26) was made for AA 101, which I presume is All-American #101, a pretty late DC book and one of the last to have Green Lantern as well as Jhnny Thunder before the whole book became a western series. The second story is produced for CC 26, so apparently one issue earlier (eventhough it seems to be the most mature of the three) and the third one was intended for GL #38. As far as I know, no opne has ever tried to make a list of all these Toth stories that takes these production numbers into account.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Go-Go-Go For It

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Bob Powell is one of my favorite artists of the fifties. He had started out with Will Eisner, struck out with a crew of his own and worked for just about every company except the top ones DC and EC. In the late fifties he started working in Mad imitation magazines, took over the newspaper strip Bat Masterson from Howard Nostrand and did some pulp illustration work. After seven years of doing satire stuff in various black and white styles, he created a new newspaper strip with former romance comic editor Betsy Little. At that point, she was also the editor of the magazine Teen Life, which did photo shoots and articles about the new popular bands (from the Beatles to everyone else). Teena-a-go-go also appeared as a strip in Teen Life and may even have been created for that magazoine first (or at least published there first). A very well drawn soaplike teen strip, Teena-a-go-go benefited from Little knowledge of teen problems and Powells mature style. I have cliped several Sundays over the years (never as much as I would like) and only a few dailies here and there. But they look as if they would be worth seeing more off. Unfortunately, they seem to be impossible to find. And of course, there aren't that many. Soon after Poewell started this strip, he was diagnozed with cancer and the it ran only for a very short time.

So here is what I've got. Maybe someone out there can help me find more.

Don't Go Changin'

Wednesday Illustration Day.

Sam Burlockoff was an interesting artist, inasmuch he was capable to go from a very strong realistic style to a equally convincing cartoon style. Here I have two of his more serious pieces. One is a grimm story from one of Timely/Atlas' war books and the other an illustration from Ziff-Davis' fantasy pulp Amazing Stories (which used a lof of comic booka artists in the late fifties). Later I wil ad some of his cartoon work, which I found in one of the Mad imitations of a slightly later period as well as several of the cheaper cartoon mags.