Sunday, October 17, 2021

The Original Line King

Sunday Al Williamson Surprise. 

And so Williamson was back at the westerns with another Stan Lee shock ending. Well, not really, but Williamson surer drew the hell out this predictable little story. Lot's of typical Stan Lee authentic western writing and even a good one-liner.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Post At His Most

Saturday Leftover Day.

Later this year I will be selling all of the Mad magazine imitations I have collected over the last ten years for my book Behaving Madly. That means it is a complete collection - and it is not in the best condition. All I needed was material I could scan. The last year I have been scanning everything, even the stuff I did (or could) not use in the book. I still recommend that you buy the book, if only for the painstaking restoration I executing on all of the black and white material, sharing it the way it should have been seen any (and was, if you bought them back then). But I am guessing they might be a few people who want the actual books as well.

As a sort of teaser, here is a story from SNAFU I could not share in the book, because Marvel still holds the copyright (eventhough they do not intend to do anything with it). This is a story by Howie Post, one of a few (maybe even the only) that were not written by Post himself. All of Post's material at Timely/Atlas (the publisher of SNAFU) reads as if it wa simprovised. Even if it was written before it was drawn, Post seems to have written it withou planning, as a sort of storyboard. On the contents page Stan Lee says he wrote almost all of the book (this was back when that still was true) and it reads as his. This story doesn't.

The format of the story (text with a row pictures above) was taken from Harvey Kurtzman's magazine Mad and it was used throughout the book. Which by the way, was one of the first to start imitating Kurtzman's magazine Mad. So soon after Mad #24 (the first) appeared, that it seems Lee (or his boss Martin Goodman) may have had an early peak.

Sunday, October 10, 2021


Sunday Al Williamson Day. 

Sunday Williamson Surprise.

Our next Al Williamson story is not signed by Stan Lee. But it may still be by him. Although it is the general rule that Stan in this period never wrote anything he didn't sign and never signed anything he didn't write, there are two more addition features that point to his authorship: first of all, Stan loved using 'western' colloquisms  to color his dialogue for his western stories - like 'yuh' instead of 'you' and it is use dhere throughout. But even more importantly, Stan wrote his stories in his free time in batches, which - when he turned them in the next day - woul dgte consecutive job numbers. This story, H-770, fall in a run of six western stories that were signed (from H-769 to H-775). Six stories was about what he would do in a regular sitting. It is a little bit more serious than the usual Stan Lee stuff, though.

Saturday, October 09, 2021

Second Channel

Saturday Leftover Day. 

Why anyone would start a daily television gag panel after Channel Chuckles is a mystery to me, but that fact that it is by Scarpelli makes is kind of special anyway.