Monday, October 15, 2018

To Fritzy For Me

Monday Comic Strip Day.

Oh, what special hell it must be to be the lesser known relative of a media darling. No, I am not talking of the Kardassians, but that other family of well known females, who filled the pages of the American newspapers every day and every Sunday. Of course Nacy was the better known of the two. And up till this day she still gets all the attention, both from the general public and the intelligentia trying to give it's wholesome humor a deeper meaning. But all the while Nacy's aunt, Fritzi Ritz, can parade around in her underwear all she wants but no one gives her, or that curly haired boy that follows her around, any credit. While her gags were written and drawn by the same genius that created her annoying little niece. So here is a large selection of Fritzi's Sunday gags in tabloid form. I thought I had shown some of these before, but it seems they were just waiting for the right moment. So now you get them all at once. As a bonus.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Totheth With The Mosteth.

Sunday Comic Book Heroes Day

Skipping Dale Evans #5 (which I ahevn't got) we go to the next Sierra Smith story by Toth. It's down as being inked by Toth himself, but there are a ot of similarities to the way Joe Kubert handled his brush back then.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

One Man's Journey

Saturday Story Strip Day.

I never scanned a lot of samples from the perennial detective strip Steve Roper. Although I love Bill Overgard's Milt Caniff influenced style (he worked as his assistant on Steve Canyon projects), it became too quick and easy for me from the mid fifties on. And because it is a serialized detective strip, reading the scattered samples I have was usually not much fun. But when I sold a bunch of 1971 Sundays this month, I sat down to scan them for some friends at the Kerry Drake Facebook group (where they like and share all detective strips - and more). That enabled me to pick up the few earlier samples I had scanned over the years and clean those as well. I am afraid to say I still liked Overgard best when he was trying to be someone else (Caniff). The only thing I quite like is his later strip Rudy, about a chimp agent in Hollywood. Original, fresh and funny. Unfortunately I don't remember where I saw it and I don't have the book (if indeed, there is one). May have been in Rick Marshall's wonderful Nemo magazine, the printed example for this blog).