Sunday, January 14, 2018

Don't Tie Me down

Sunday robinson Review.

Alfed Goes Solo. Jerry Robinson in Batman #31.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Are You 'Avin' A Laugh?

Saturday Leftover Day.

I have show material from the British magazine Film Fun before, but there is loads more. Pretty well done for a kids comic, actually. Here is a bunch of famous British comedian and thier wacky adventures.

Lookie Learnie

Friday Comic Book Day.

British magazines such as Look and Learn used some of the best comic strip artists and illustrators to produce all sorts of items, from posters about trains or indians to biographical articles such as this. Unfortunately I am missing the first installment, but I gues you'll be able to pick it up.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

They're In The Army Now

Thursday Story Strip Day.

I have already shown of this forgotten war strip from the forties. I quite like the unspectacular drawing style, which is similar to that of Gasoline Alley or Alley Oop or any of the other strips not following Milt Caniff's shadowy style. But is also slightly more lively and animated and reminds me of Bill Elder's work for EC. The artis is Bill Juhre, who would not sign the strip until later on when the name of the strip was changed to Lem and Oinie.

Goings On At The White House

Wednesday Illustration Day.

So here I thought I had a rare (albiet dull) example of Noel Sickles' illustration work, for an issue of This Week which I am selling soon(probably Next Week). Turns out is is not by the famous chiasura illustrator who helped Milt Caniff invent his style on Terry and the Pirates and went into magazine illustration, by Leslie Saalberg, a fashion designer who adopted a similar style in the early sixties. Only Sickles could do it better.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wowie Howie!

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Some time ago I gathered a black and white set of Sundays from one of my favorite newspaper strips ever, The Circus of P.T. Bimbo by Howie Schneider. I researched Mr. Schneider's work at Ohio State University and found lots of rare books and samples. Maybe some day I can find a way to share them.