Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Salt Water Salesmen

Wednesday Advertising Day.

In at least one interview Stan Drake claimed he was allowed to sign his ads for Johnstone and Cushing. I have never found a signature, not even in his series of Ipana ads. I think he also did the unsigned Sal Hepatica ads for the same manufacturor and have shown some before. Here are two, that look a bit odd though. The first one is definitively his, but I am not sure if he inked it himself. The second may be his, but seems to have been inked by Jack Betts. Sal hepatica was an interesting product - a laxative mineral salt that, when dissolved in water, reproduced the taste and effects of the natural mineral waters of Bohemia.It's manufacturer Bristol and Myers dropped the produt in 1960 but went on to become Squibb, one of the biggest farmaceutical companies.

It's Her Again

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

It's Me, Dilly is a delightful and late entry in the 'pretty girl in Hollywood' genre that came up regularly in comics and newspaper strips in the fifties. I guess one of the precursors would e the successful radio show and movie series My Friend Irma, although I guess there are more examples of ditzy blondes. Dilly, though, distinguishes itself because it's heroine is not dumb. At least not all the time. Conceived by Alfred Andriola and Mel Casson, but actually drawn by Andriola's Kerry Drake assistant Sururi Gumen. I have shown this strip before, but never so many dailies.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Like Shooting Fish Without Fish

Monday Cartoon Day.

I have shown work by Hank Barrow before, mainly the political cartoons he did as a staff member op Associated Press in the early forties (from my own scans, even). But the best thing he did by far must be Things To Come, his humorously drawn but quite seriously written look into the future. Few papers carried it and I in all of my collecting days I naver was able to get more than a few samples - and even then they were always on the bac of something else and not noted by the seller. If anyone knows of any collection of these anywhere, I'd love to know. Here is another one that turned up on the back of something.

And here are some more of his cartoons I had prepared earlier.

Follow the link for more!

Back To Black

Sunday Meskin Measures.

I don't know how I could have forgotten Black Magic. But selling my collection on Ebay triggered me to look and see that tere were many Meskin stories there I had nod shown yet. For those of you who have never seen them: you are in for a treat. This story is from Black Magic #2.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

World Domination

Friday Comic Book Day.

More of the Daleks from the British TV 21 Magazine. Part of Dr. Who writer Terry Nation's efforts to turn is creation the Daleks into a solo series, but apparently not written by him. The first episodes can be found by following the link.