Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Somewhere Along the Schorr

Wednesday Extra Day. 

 I am selling Sunday tabs of Bill Schorr's first comic strip outing, Conrad on Ebay right now. I have some samples if you follow the link. Schorr's second outing was more sucesfull, but also a bit more mainstream. A delightfull cartoonist, he struggled to find his niche.

Monday, May 20, 2024

A Modern Stone-Age Kid

Monday Caveman Day. I have a set of Peter Piltdown Sunday halves that I am selling on Ebay. After scanning them of course. I still have to clean half of them, but here is where I got so far. Peter Piltdown was a remarkable strip, at times quite unsentimental and very well drawn. Mal Eaton is probably best known for reusing the character and setting for a similar featre in Boy's Life's weekly faux Sunday section from 1954 till well into the sixties, onder the name Rocky Stoneaxe.


Sunday, May 19, 2024

Remember The Time

Sunday Embarassing Day. Embarrassing Moments was a longer running daily panel that ran from the early twenties to somewhere in the thirties. It was probably produced by some sort of billpen, with various artists contributing. In 1928 George Herriman (of Krazy Kat fame) took over from Darrel McClure. I have shown some of these delightful panels before. They are especially nice because they show Herriman using human characters. But this month I have gone back to get them from the start. He seems to have started on a Saturday. His run extended to 1932 and I hope to one day have shown them all.