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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

There's One Born Every Minute

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

The Born Loser was a newspaper regular for many years. I believe it is still being made these days. Like may strips I like it best in it's first tn years or so, when it was still taking riss and trying to find it's feet. The first year, even the drawing style wasn't even set yet.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yuk And Others

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

I blame the sixties. What was fresh and new in the fifties became the norm in the sixties and as such more boring than what it has replaced. I am talking about newspaper comics of course. I started this blog, because I found the fifties were neglected as an area worth of study. It semmes to me that many comic strip historian look upon the fifties as the period where it all went wrong and I don't agree. I think there was more solid storytelling and more acoomplished art and even more experiment in the fifties than in many decades before that. Or at least as much. But in the sixties, it is harder to maintain that statement, when lesser artists started to grab upon the 'modern' style to do their own 'simple' stips and newspapers themselves started to think that smaller is better. Still, that doesn't mean all strips that started in that decade (and some that ended there as well) are without their interest. So here is a selection of weird or unknown or shortrunning strips from the sixties. there are more, but this is a good selection I think. What are your favorites?

The Born Loser by Art Samson

Chief by Joe Dawley

Dolly by Bill Williams

Eek & Meek by Howie Schneider

Feeney Farm by George Lamont

Hapless Harry by Geo Gately

Hey, Swingy by Jan Green

Hustoria by unknown artist.

J.J. Yuk by Fred Lucky

McGurk's Mob by Marvin Stein

OPinion Wise by Sakren

Senator Cassius by Frank Hill

Sir Limerick by Ed Nofzinger

Stanley Steamer by John Somerville

Walter by Sakren