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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flying The Flagg

Thursday Story Strip Day.

I found a new color scan of a Dan Flagg page and I have added that to the four I have shown earlier. With that, I had a series of black and white Sundays, nit the best condition but they show the strip isn't the graphic wasteland it is sometimes made out to be. Rumor has it Don Sherwood did next to nothing on it, but I do see some traces of his later style. For the most part, I would go with Sherwood on pencils and Alden McWilliams on inks.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Serious Business

Saturday Leftover Day.

Here are a couple of Dan Flagg Sundays to go with Thursday's black and white selection.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Waving the Flagg

Thursday Story Strip Day.

fter looking at the wonderful work of Tom Scheuer and Neal Adams yesterday, I now give you a chance to see some work of a different quality from the same period. Dan Flagg by Don Sherwood is mostly know for not being drawn or written by Don Sherwood. In one of the early issues of Warren's Creepy magazine, Archie Goodwin wrote and Al Williamson illustrated a story about a newspaper comic strip artist who hired a wroter, a penciller, an inker and a letterer to work on'his' newspaper strip, which he signed and delivered to the syndicate, but did nothin gon himself. Through the years the story came out that this particular piece of fiction was probably based on Sherwood and Dan Flagg. Artists mentioned to have been involved with this strip were Williamson, Al McWilliams and Archie Goodwin as a writer. Unfortunately, I don't think the truth was as straightforward as that. In the period Dan Flagg ran, Williamson was already doing Secret Agent X-9 and he would have had little time to work on another strip. And if you look at the earlier samples, something resembling Sherwood's later style (to be found in the run of The Partridge Family comics for Charlton) does hine through. Later on in the strip, Alden McWilliams' hand can be seen, though. Especially in the Sunday strips, even though I haven't got a lot of those here.

Anyway, all this has made Dan Flagg into a strip I'd love to read a bit more. Unfortunately, the scans I have been able to find are not of the best quality and I have never assembled a longer run. Instead of that, I have assembled a sampling of it's whole run from 1963 to 1967. I especially like all the articles that accompanied this strip, down to the last one announcing the demise of the strip, but promising the readers Sherwood will come back with a revamp... which of coure, he never did.