Saturday, December 26, 2015

Not The Original But Just As Good

Saturday Leftover Day.

The last time I showed a couple of Dan Flagg Sundays was about a year ago. It is not a well remembered strip, which could be due to the fact that as a war strip, it was banished fro the history books pretty soon after it disappeared. Also, the fact that it has been mentioned as the inspiration of the newspaper strip that influenced Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson's story about a syndicated strip artist who hired separate people to do every part of the job without them knowing about each other in such a way that he ended up doing nothing himself. But if you compare Dan Flagg to Don Sherwood's other work you'll see that he did indeed do some of it himself (even though whenever created anything as good as Flagg again). But the main reason to like this strip is the artwork that is supposed to be by Al McWilliams. How much the former Twin Earths and future Deadline Danger artist did, is not clear. But it seems to me (and everyone who ever wrote about this strip) that he was a huge part of what was good about it. All in all I am glad I got a longer Sunday run and I am proud to present you here with most of the 1964 Sundays.

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