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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Gathering Moss

Tuesday Comic trip Day.

When I was a kid T. K. Ryan's western strip Tumbleweeds was in our paper and I loved it. I don't know why the sarcastic humor suited me so much at an early age, but it did. And I still like it. Of course we did not have Sundays - we just don't in Holland. So there was a lot to discover hen I started collecting newspaper strips. Tumbleweeds started in 1965, but the Sunday was added later, in 1967 I think. That would make these some of the earliest. I hope you like them, because I have much more where these came from.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Way Of All Grass

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

I wanted to try and do the first few weeks of Tumbleweed, but for some reason the intrenet is slow today and I can't et a good run reay in time. Instead, here are some I collected earlier. I used to read this strip when I was a kid and I am immensely fond of it. It has the sarcastic tone of the old B.C., the old Wizard of Id, The Circus of P.T. Bimbo and currently Diamond Lil by Brett Koth (who used to work as an assistant to Jim Davis, who used to work as an assistant to J. K. Ryan on Tumbleweed.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Hi-Yo, Simple!

Saturday Leftover Day.

When I was little, my favorite strip was T. K. Ryan's Tumbleweeds. I oved the characters, I loved the western setting, I love the snarky humor. In fact, I still do like them, even though I don't visit there as much as I used to. On researching the strip, I found it is still running and the author is hosting a website, where he sells a 'best of' book with autograph for only $7! I suggest you all go there, it's at www.tumbleweeds,com.

Tumbleweeds was a typical example of the early sixties sarcasm genre, if slightly late. The strip didn't start until September 1965 and hit the ground running. Some strips had to wait years to find their forte, but T. K. Ryan seems to have foun dit immediately. I think he hurt himself badly when he started using a typeletter font in the nineties or so. All at once the gags seemed to be cookie cutter as well, although there was nothing wrong with them.