Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bear With Me

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

The plight of the blogger is a heavy one. Take today's post. I would love to share with you som eof the huge amount of color Yogi Bear Sundays I have. But to do that, I have to scan them. As it happens, most of those Yogi Bear Sundays are in newspapers that have a lot of other interesting strips. When I am considering doing some scan work, I have to make a choice to either just scan the Yogi Bears and get the papers out again when I want to do the next strip. Or I scan everything from that paper at once, but that makes the work quite slow. In either case, I have a stack of newspapers sitting besides my scanner, filling up my work room with a lot of papers and all of the smell that goes with that. Which leads to my wife comlaining she can smell it coming down the stairs (and she isn't even exaggerating). Choices, choices.

In the meantime, here a a lot of black and white Yogi's. Still a pretty amazing strip.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Everything Old is New Again

Monday What The Heck Day

Newsflash! Many times Sherm Cohen linked his blog to mine, especially when I was showing some bit of rare Kurtzman material. But now I get to return the favor by stealing his most recent find. Four pages of unknown Kurtzman from Marvel's Little Asperin #1. I even have one of the later issues of this series, but nothing as spectacular as this in there. Combining two of my loves, Harvey Kurtzman and illustrated magic tricks...

Mumday, Bloody Mumday

Monday Cartoon Day.

More earlysamples of the chamringly stylized Mr. Mum. Including a Sunday I thought I had shown before and some dailies I thought were new, but may be repeats.