Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Mailman

Here's another Bud Blake rarity. In the early fifties he did a lot of covers for the sunday feature section called Pictorial Review. This was a usually 16 page tabloid newspaper insert, which seems to have been packaged by King Features. At least, it has a lot of King Feature columns and specialty items. most of which are illustrated by King Feature staff artists. the earliest copies I have seen are from the thirties, but it may have been around even longer. It has a lot of beautiful stuff for cartoon collectors, although the regular line-up gets a bit predictable after a while. Among the special things that can be found in there, is a regular column about social life in ~Washington with weekly illustrations by Otto Soglow. This ran all through the forties and early fifties. Many cartoonists provided the covers for this entertainment section, but among the most interesting for cartoonists are those done by previous comic book artist (and designer of the cover of the first issue of Detective Comics) Greig Fleisel. There are many spellings of his name, so I just picked the first one I came across.

Blake's covers in the early sixties are lovely too, from what I have seen of them. Unfortunately, sections from this period come up for sale very rarely. But apparently, Blake also did some inside work, as can be seen by this streched-out one page gag from the March 13, 1955 issue.


Karswell said...

Really really like this one alot!

Ger Apeldoorn said...

One of the reasons I am doing this blog, is that I hope to attract others wholike the same stuff and hopefully can attribute their own scans. Bud Blake not only did this type of cartoons for the Sunday Pictorial Review. He also did covers for them in the early sixties. I buy most of this stuff on e-bay, but unfortunately the Pictorial Reviews for the early sixties rarely turn up. So if anyone has any for me, please offer them. Or contact me about scans.