Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bad Timing...

Since writing about Johnny Hart for the dutch fanzine Stripschrift, I have been following the new B.C. strip through the Houston Chronicle site. I have placed a link to this weeks strip in my links section. It seems I can't link in such a way that you get the latest week every time. Instead the link has the weeks date in it. So if you are catching this a few months from now (or even later) you will have to go from week to week to see the latest one. The good news is, that the first time I went and had a look, I could go back a whole year and see all of Mason Mastroiani's new version of the fifty year old classic. And it impressed me a lot, as it still does. Together with his mother and a few others (including his cartooning brother, as I understand it) he has managed to breathe new life into the strip.

Still, accidents happen... on May 1st this strip appeared.

As per usual it must have been prepared what, about ten weeks in advance? Now, I don't know how much of a stir this news did in the US, but all over Europe, there was a media frenzy about a father in Austria, who had kept his daughter in a basement for 24 years, had seven children with her (making him their father and grandfather), three of which were kept with the mother in the basement.

I don't know if B.C. is still published in Austria, but my guess is that four days later was a bit too early for the Austrians to laugh about it.

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