Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Last Circus of the Year

Tuesday strip day.

Today the last three 1975 Sunday of my P.T. Bimbo collection. I hope someone someday will do a collection of these great strips. The three Sundays I have here are all prime examples of Howie Schneider's acerbic wit, his impeccable sense of timing and his razor sharp cartoon abilities. Because I always want to give you a little extra, I scoured the World Wide Interweb for some addition information about Schneider. I was sad to find that he had died only last year. I wish I had started this sooner, so I would have been able to contact him. I sort of guessed that he had died around his long running Eek & Meek stopped, but that is not the case. In the last few years he had been working on an animal strip about the elderly. reprints of that strip are still being offered every day and every Sunday by the syndicate. You can probably find it yourself, if you google it, but I have added a small sampling of Sundays. They show Schneider hadn't mellowed with old age. He is as sharp about the problems of the elderly as he was about everything else the rest of his life. I also found a two page interview, with which I am starting this day's entry.

If any of his surviving relatives reads this, I would love to get in touch and share more about Howie's wonderful work with my blog audience.


Mars Gremmen said...

Die 'next'-aflevering is prachtig! (De andere afleveringen zijn ook niet mis.)

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Welkom, Mars.

Heb je gezien dat z'n hoofd in het laatste plaatje wel rood is?

Translation: Did you see his head is slightly red in the last panel?

Mars Gremmen said...


Die homofobische reactie was me geheel ontschoten!
Slordig lezen en toch genieten. Doe hem dat maar eens na!