Sunday, July 27, 2008

If you try and fail, try and fail again.

Sunday leftovers.

To accompany the thursday Jeanie strips, I have a shorter run of another strip proposal Gill Fox did, right after Jeanie. This strip was done in yet another style, one that was giving him a lot of advertising work. To my eyes this os one of the most horribly cliché fifties advertising styles. Earlier advertising styles had some sort of livelyness leftover from it's forties inspirations, the same way Hank Ketcham's and Virgil Partch's styles, modern as they were, still bore the resemblance to their Disney origins. This particular style seems to have been bled to death from all it's live. I can understand it's appeal to a supreme stylist such as Fox, but to me it nothing more than a cartoon style for those people who don't like cartoons. Fortunately, the strip didn't sell. The scans are again courtesy of the Heritage Archives.

The final strip for today is another newspaper try-out... this time by Creig Flessel. This strip waas done in the early sixties. There are two strips with the same title, drawn by Frank Frazetta. Those two were written by either Al Capp or his brother (who was a succesful comic strip writer as well and did a newspaper try-out called Kermit the Hermit with Harvey Kurtzman around the same time). One can assume that this try-out by Flessel was done after Frazetta abandonned the project. It may even have been related to Flessel's stint as a 'pretty girl artist' for Al Capp, essentially taking over from Frazetta (or his succes Bob Lubbers).

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Joakim Gunnarsson said...

I havn't been catching up with your blog for a while, shame on me. However I asked Creig about this original (wich I own) and he wrote a reply. Will try to post it on my blog soon.