Friday, July 25, 2008

Right on Target.

Friday comic book day.

Today, I am going to stretch the menaing of 'comic book day' to include two more pages of Flessel's work for Boy's Life. This is another religious story for one of the early issues. I will come back to Boy's Life later, but I wanted to close of the whole Flessel appreciation week with this. Or actually, almost round it off, because I have some leftover bits and pieces tomorrow.

But for the purists among you, I will start with is little three page comic book story. It's from Target #4 and features some of Jack Cole's earliest funny work (from 1939). You can still see how he learned to draw from some sort of mail course, building his figures from balloons and circles.

Finally, there is one more Flessel cover for a 1959 issue of Boy's Life. He uses the same water paint technique that propelled Alex Ross to succes recently. But in the late fifties every one was doing it, of course. This is one of a few issues I have double (including the other Flessel cover I showed earlier). If anyone is interested in buying one of my doubles from this oversized magazine, please contact me privately at


Dave Tackett said...

I'm not really a purist but I really liked the Higrass Twins comic. It has a wacky Looney Tunes cartoon feel to it.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Scroll down for more Cole one pagers, in a similar style. Once I get enough of these one-pagers scanned, I will do another bunch. Cole style developed from this directly into the Ralph Jones style he used on the one-pagers.

HEH said...

Gorgeous High Grass Twins story!