Friday, August 01, 2008

Hear Ye Hear Ye!

Friday comic book day.

Especially for my new friend John K. I have chosen to present you with another installment of Klaus Nordling's The Barker. I think John will especially appreciate the bounding panels on one of the later pages. I seem to remember that he used a similar device in his own comic book series (which I all have an treasure). I think this story shows Nordling's remarkable skills at storytelling. As far as I know he didn't only draw these stories , but wrote them himself. Just like John K's cartoon efforts, these stories seem to be aimed at kids (and certsainly are appreciated by them) but they have a decidedly adult tone and characters. The Barker wouldn't have been out of place in any of the late forties film noir films or detective stories. Over the years many peopple have tried to do comics about circus people, but only The Barker and P.T. Bimbo stand out as serious and uncompromising efforts by dedicated creators.

This story, which is signed by Nordling, is from National Comics #72. I have added the cover, which is unrelated to the story inside and seems to have been drawn by Gill Fox. It is very hard to distinguish between Nordling and Fox's styles at this point. Not only because Fox was such a good imitator, but also because Nordling's natural style seems to have dovetailed with Fox's. One issue onward, Fox started signing the National covers, which from then on only had The Barker and his extended family on them.

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Chuck Wells said...

Interesting, Ger. I had never read one of the old Barker stories before this post, so thanks alot.