Monday, August 18, 2008

The Perfect Ketch

Monday cartoon day.

Hank Ketcham did not only do cartoons for The Saturday Evening Post, he also illustrated two of their regular articles. These two series 'You Be The Judge' and "The Perfect Squelch' both ran for many years, using reader's contributions. Many artists illustrated them. Sometimes it was used to give their regulars a bit of extra work, sometimes to break in new talent. Ketcham had a solid run on both. It seems to me that Ketcham did more of them when Dennis the Menace had started, maybe because the editors thought it was a good way to have Ketcham in their magazine even when he didn't have the time to create new cartoon gags.

For The Perfect Squelch readers could submit stories about people who had a good comeback. It was then written up, usually to long to carry the feeble gag at the end. The illustration often was the best thing about it. Here are some by Ketcham, which show how good an illustrator he was.

You Be The Judge featured real court cases, leaving it to the reader to judge for themselves. These are a bit more entertaining on their own, so I have left the text part on. Seems like the sort of stuff television writers use to fill their C-plots.

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