Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sideways Jeanie

Sunday leftover day.

The weekend's for catching up, so here is the second week of Jedanies I didn't get around to last thursday. Some of these are sideways, so for those of you reading these on your iPod - just turn it around. For the oldfashioned computer guys - maybe downlaod them first?

I have installed a RSS feed. I don't use it myself, so if there is anything wrong, pease tell me and I'll try and find the right settings. But I think I have and it does work.

To give you a little bit extra, I am adding another newspaper ad that seems to have been drawn by Fox. Or is it by Browne? I can't tell anymore. It's from 1950, so Dik Browne may be a better guess. Still, if you click on the Gill Fox tag and compare it to the Boy's Life page I posted early on, the resemblance is uncanny.

To complicate things further, I have added another ad, which seems to be by Browne as well. This is the sort of ads that got him the Hi and Lois strip, when both Mort Walker and Sylain Beck spotted Browne's work at different places... three years earlier, because this sample is from 1957. So maybe it isn't by Browne (who was at that point not only doing the daily Hi and Lois, but also the Sunday) but by someone imitating his style.


Dave Tackett said...

You are right, it is incredibly difficult to tell Fox's and Browne's ad art apart. I would guess this is Browne for the very unscientific reason that the noses look more typically Browne, but that's just grasping at straws.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Yeah, but then the noses and open mouths on the females seem to have been lifted from Young and Haenigson's work, a trick that was picked up by more than one artist. The man's face and the rabbit don't look a lot like Browne's work, but this was early on in his career at Johnstone and Cushing... so my guess would be Browne, too.

I have added a 'real' Browne ad from a couple of years later, to show the difference.