Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Coogy Arf

Tuesday newspaper strip Day.

Yesterday I recieved a whole new load of Sunday pages, including several Coogys and Jeanies. They will have to be scanned before I can show them here, but here are two more 1952 samples of Coogy. As you can see, in these strips the world of Coogy was still completely antropomorhical. Somewhere in 1953 Spector decided to people hs worl ith regular human beings, leving Coogy and Mo the only animals. As you can see from the first Sunday, that takes him further away from the Pogo influence. Maybe that wa the intention. Maybe he was just goin gwhere the jkes were. The second sample seems to be the first satirical 'continuity'. Irv's son Paul has already said that the first full (distributed) Sundays were part of a continuity as well, with Mo finding his 'double'. But this is the first one where Spector aims his humor at society.

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