Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Desert Critters

Tuesday newspaper strip day.

Today I am sharing all Coogy Sundays I have from 1952. I am doing them all at once, so you can see how much Irv Spector was looking for a way to make his strip work.

At first we see the strip as it had been the first two years. A whimsical strip about funny animal characters in an Indian desert setting. It's the characters and the relationships that get all the attention.Then in October he suddenly tries two new approaches. First a much more contemporary silent strip on October 5 and then what is probably the first of his parody sequence, a literate spoof of The Maltese Falcon. Paul Spector informs me that this is part of a four episode story-line. His father must have liked doing them, because at least three more appear in the years to come. After that he tries a dometical approach, with a little tall tale thrown in. Now, Pogo was never one thing either and it may have been that Spector was just doing whatever came to mind. The last gag seems like a reaction to something he had experienced at home. But still, the effect is that the strip seems to be foundering this year. Or is that because of the few samples I have?

The May 11 strip is a two tier, which makes it probable that a fuller version exists in another paper... if it was actually distributed in other papers. Paul Spector also has some of the fan mail his father got on the strip (and some of the parodies) and the return addresses on those suggest that it was.

Feb 3 1952:

May 11 1952:

June 1 1952

Oct 5 1952:

What's the deal with that smaler third panel? I didn't do that in making this scan, Spector did it himself.

Oct 12 1952:

Nov 9 1952:

Dec 14 1952:

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