Thursday, September 18, 2008

Timeless credit

Thursday story day.

Today I have two more Jeanie Sundays and a bonus color Sunday I didn't get around to last week.

I am also placing the Gil Fox ad I downloaded yesterday here, to make the comparison easier. I have added a O love Lucy ad to that post, as was my original intention.

Just when I started thinking that the Haenigsen-inspired funny advertising style of Fox and Browne probably was more often executed by Browne than by Fox, along comes his sample from 1952... signed by Fox. Although Fox's style is more lively than Heanigsen's (who often used stock poses, even in one single strip), this strip is stiffer than some of the others I have showed earlier (use the tag links to find them). So who inpsired who? It's still a mystery to me. This strip was done a t the same time as Jeanie and if you look at the ghosts you will see the resemblance. And how's that for a cartoon cat?

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