Friday, October 10, 2008

First Post.

Friday Comic Book Day.

Starting today, I would like to pay some attention to the work of Howard Post. After the war he started doing fairy Tale comic called Wonderland. After several issues he joined the DC group as one of the artists on their kid comics. For Animal Antics he took over Presto Pete from issue #9 in 1946. Before that Presto Pete had been drawn (and written) b someone else, Here's the first Presto Peter storyHoward Post did, in the same mock Walt Kelly style he had developed for Wonderland.


ssss said...

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Vince M said...

I would love to see a book collection of Howie Post comics. In my opinion, he's been terribly under rated and unappreciated for his vast and versatile talents. He was capable of working in so many genre's and styles, easily changing gears from cartoon to realistc storytelling.

Surely one of the greats in the comic book industry. He should be honored and celebrated.