Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Desperate Newleyweds

Wednesday Advertising Day

Today I have one more Eveready ad from 1953. From the date one would assume it would be the work of Greig Flessel, who drew this series for all of it's run. It is not signed, however (as some of them are) and the art doesn't seem to be his. Did he have a week off?

Secondly, here are two more of those Gill Fox/Dik Browne Johnstone and Cushing ads. The second one, for the terrible twins is supposed to be by Browne. Or at least it got him the Hi and Lois assignment two years later. The first one is only one month earlier, for the same product. Even though the Terrible Twins are not in it, it seems to be by the same arttist or same team. If Someone else was invoolved the ad company never knew. In the meantime, I have uncovered another (third) artist working in this style for Johnstone and Cushing. I am gathering some material about him, but be prepared to be shocked.

March 1 1953:

Feb 18 1951:

March 18 1951:

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