Thursday, October 23, 2008


Thursday newspaper story day.

Somewhere in march 1953 Gill Fox was replaced as Jeanie's artist by Leon Winick. Winick (who signed the strip Leon Win) was a gun-for-hire. The last Fox Sunday I have is from March 8, the first Winick Sunday from two weeks later. At first he tries to imitate the style of Fox, but he lacks the graphic skills to deliver more than a superfluous likeness. The storyline was changed as well. Jeanie would no longer be staying in New York, but she would be going on a tour of America, to give Selma Diamond some new opportunities for fresh humor. Strange then, that the March 22 Sunday still has the byline about 'two girls in New York' that was already dropped from Fox's last Sundays. My guess is that Gill Fox decided to leave the strip himself and was replaced by an artist who didn't mind that there weren't so many papers (and therefore less income). He I don't think Fox was replaced by any sort of editorial deciion regarding the direction or tone of the strip. In that case Winick would not have tried to imitate Fox's style.

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Allan Holtz said...

Leon started on 3/22/53.

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