Sunday, November 09, 2008

And.... your out!"

Sunday Leftover Day

For all you Coogy lovers out there, two more samples of the daily version of Coogy Irv Spector tried to develop after the Sundy only ceresion was cancelled. It was called Hogan and featured a sometimes human version of Coogy's indian character Mo. Irv's son Paul sent these to me a long time ago. He didn't add a copyright notice back then, so I hope everyone who is tempted to reuse it will include some sort of reference to either Paul, Ir or me. In the meantime enjoy this sample of Spector's pencils and inks on the same gag.


Alexandre Augusto Ferreira said...

I really love this blog!!!
I am a great Dik Browne's fan!!!

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Keep coming because I am sitting on a lot of good stuff, trying to get a post done about the early years of Hi and Lois.

cartoonretro said...

Thanks Ger & Paul. Beautiful and educational to see the pencils & inks side by side.
Ger- do you have any Muggy-Doo comics? It's beautiful work, and I didn't know it was Spector's until you started posting the Coogy's. I can send you some scans if you'd like.

Ger Apeldoorn said...


I have been trying to get some Muggy-Doo, but failed to find it. I am very interested. Contac me prevately at I particulary liked what I saw of Ush. But Muggy-Doo might be just as interesting.