Saturday, November 22, 2008

There is nothing like a Day

Saturday Leftover Day.

Originally I had planned to show some more of Dawn O'Day, the Sunday strip by Val Heinz, that may have had some involvement from Mel Casson and Alfred Andriola. I decided it was not enough for a thursday post and switched to Jet Scott. But here are the bits and pieces I had.

One more Sunday from December 7 1952:

An early ad from September 27 1949:

And another one from October 4 1949:

Paul Spector has informed me that he has started his own blog celebrating his father's work, which will focus mainly on the cartoon side, but may sometimes feature a comic strip or two or even one of those Coogy originals he has so many off. Today's post features a Muggy-Doo story with Osh I hadn't seen yet, so if you liked those go over there and tell them Ger sent you.

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