Saturday, November 29, 2008

Desperate Bid For Attention

Saturday Leftover Day.

Yesterday visitor Alexandre asked for more work by Dik Browne. Like me, he is a big fan of Hi and Lois. The good news is that Brian Walker told me on one of the Yahoo froums that a publisher had inquired aftger the rights for Hi and Lois. I hope they intend to publish a 'complete' series, because a. there is already a perfect Best Of by Brian himself (still available from a number of sources) and b. I am not really a fan of the later years, when it was changed into a 'young professional adults trying to juggle work and kids' strip into a more unashamedly family strip. Okay, Lois got a job as well, welling property,but that only had the effect of turning Hi into a much more oldfashioned stock character; the bumbling husband. To me, the real surprise about this strip is how 'hip' it was in it's first 15 years. Here are four black and white Sundays from 1958. The Sunday is supposed to have started in 1956, but these the earliest samples I have found yet.

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Alexandre Augusto Ferreira said...

Hi Ger.
These sunday pages are GREAT!!!
Thanks for this post and the good news.I really hope the editor intend to publish a "Complete Hi and Lois" like Peanuts,Dennis the Menace or Beetle Bailey.
I bought "The Best of Hi and Lois" and like you i love the original Mort and Dik's work at the strip.
I love the amazing Hi and Lois drawings,specially in the 1950's and 1960's and Dik Browne is my favorite artist in the history of comic strips.
Hope to see more Hi and Lois soon.
Thanks Ger.......and GREAT blog!!!