Monday, November 24, 2008

Menagerilly we roll Along

Monday Cartoon Day.

I've been playing around with this source for microfiche copies of newspapers. Often the quality isn't superb, but it has enabled me to unearth some rarities even I have never seen. First off, here are two weeks of the Disney panel Merry Menagerie. Whenever I see it this series never ceases to charm me. The first run I came across was from 1960, when I believe Roger Armstrong did the art. These two weeks are from 1955, artist unknown. The gags seem to have been supplied by everyone in the Disney studio who had a joke to submit. This should be a favorite of every story artist in the animation industry. Charming and maybe a bit dated, but a lot of visual gags still hold up. I particulary like the joke with the monkeys. . it didn'trun forever and is a true gem of the late fifties and early sixties, the period in cartooning this blog celebrates. I have been told it was often reprinted in Walt Disney's Comics And Stories.

The original above is from a Russ Cochran Auction in 2007 and dates from 1948. I missed out on a bunch of originals myself on e-bay two years ago. Another internet source credits the art to Bob Grant. Maybe a Disney expert can help me.

Here's another original from Eric Agena's site. He credits the strip to Bob Grant too.

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