Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oh, the horror of it!

Sunday Leftover Day

From the same period as yesterday's story, here is what I believe to be a story pencilled and inked by George Roussos. As you can see some inking traits are the same, specifically the crosshatched bits around the figures in some panels. The pencilling of the figures is completely different, though. Not only because Mort Meskin's heroes always seem to have a hat, but also because Roussos's heroes always seem to have weak chins.

There are other differences, as well. Harry Mendrick pointed out that Mort Meskin had the habit of creating thicker brush lines by going over some lines twice. Roussos doesn't seem to have done this. Or at least, not as often.

This story is from Standard's Adventures Into Darkness #12 from early 1954:

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