Sunday, November 30, 2008

To The Gills

Monday Cartoon Day.

Hello, Gill Fox fans. I have shown so many different Gill Fox strips, I shouldn't be surprised there is even more. After abandoning Jeanie in 1953, I assumed Fox went back into advertising. Apparently he did a lot of illustration work on the side, a shown in the work for The Childen's magazine. For that headopted a 'modern' style, which we alsosee in this work for the newspaper magazine This Week in 1954 and 1958.

At the same time he was doing Bumper to Bumper as a Sunday only for the New York Postin a Hank Ketcham style. In 1958another strip in that style apears. This time it is more obvious. Wilbert is a simple knock-off of Dennis the Menace. It' smaller, probably cheaper and hasn't got the sour edge that sometimes can be felt in Dennis. Everything an editor likes. Except maybe a television show and ten years of national success. I don't think it is as funny as Bumper to Bumper, but it's still fun to see.

March 12 1959:

March 19 1959:

March 25 1959:

Sept 12 1959:

Sept 16 1959:

I got the impression that this panel was not published daily, but later I did find some earlier and later samples ofcartoons that were published unterruptedly.

Sept 21 1959:

Sept 22 1959:

Dec 29 1958:

Dec 30 1958:

Dec 31 1958:

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