Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday Leftover Day

A belated Christmas treat. Which may or may not have been done by Ketcham himself, or at least was very early on in the Sunday run of the strip, when he might have really been responsible, as it says in this strip.


Ramon Schenk said...

Just heard that Edd Cartier died. Do you have any of his work, Ger?

Steven Rowe said...

Fred Toole and Al Wiseman were doing the Sunday from 1952 - I've heard no one really suggesting that Ketcham did any of the Sundays.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Ramon, I looked and lookedfor work by Cartier, butcouldn'tfind anything. I remember seeingsome illustration work he did in the late forties for a syndicated King Features story, which I wouldlove to see again.

Steven, I have a healthy disrespect for established history, as I found that much of it comes from the creators themselves. They seem to remember things as they ended up, not as they started. For instance, for many years I ave heard that Lou Fin edid the Spce Explorers feature in Boy's Life. But Greig Flessel said in an interview that Fine left Johnstone and Cushing (who produced the comic section in Boy's Life) in the forties and all of the samples of the strip I have seen, seem to be by George Evans. I don't see Lou Fine's hand in there untilin the mid sixties, which would make for a great time for him to come back (after his own comic strip excursions folded).

As to Dennis, I think the writing of the earliest Sundays is a lot like the panel cartoons... then again, Ketcham may have started using writers for that early on. But in this Sunday as well as one of the others I showed earlier he at least sattes he is 'responsible' for them.

Steven Rowe said...

I have to admit that I dont quite follow you on fine. Your dates are what the histories I look at say: 65-71. (with McWilliams 58, Evans 59-61, Kida 62, Fujitana, Mortimer 72. What histories are you referring to? Not that I found SC that interesting....
The comics in Boys Life didnt start till the mid 50s or so - does this mean that folks like Bill Williams worked for J&C (or Stenzel). williams did Pee Wee Harris -60-63 (and did Dennis the Menace comic books)
As for Dennis the Meance - the example you gave is after the strip had been running for a year - I havent seen any of the first couple months, so I dont know if Ketcham did that or not - but this example reads and looks like Toole and Wiseman to me (and Ive read 100s of their sundays).

Ger Apeldoorn said...


I should have added that on the date only, I would have thought it was not by Ketcham, which makes the 'self-refenerenc' bit even more strange. I showed some of the earliest Sundays a couple of months ago (follow the tag) and would love to hear your opinion about them.

Boy's Life started in 1952. I have isseus from 1952 and 1955 onwards, but nothing older than 1966. I try to show the bits and pieces that are interesting, like the early work of Dik Browne or the covers and special pieces by Greig Flessel. I also wuite like Irv Novick's work. For reference to Lou Fine's work on Space Conquerors try any piece on Fine. I am glad to see the official list (from Who's Who?) confirms my suspicions.