Saturday, December 20, 2008

The School of Sickles

Saturday Leftover Day.

Having shown a couple of Sunday from the 1950 version of Patsy, I went back to look for more earlier samples of this strip. I have gathered a couple of runs which I will try and show here this weekend. First, here are the dailies for the first week of januari , signed by Mel Graff. Later that year, the strip was taken over by Charles Raab. It is said that Noel Sickled helped Raab out on a certain period, but if I see any evidence of Sickles particpating, it is in this storyline. Mind you, the earlier samples of Graff's work I saw were very much like this as well. It's only later this year that I see some sinng of what I would call Graff's later, simpler style. Or could this be Noel Sickles pitching in for Raab when he first took over the strip, both of them signing the name of the strips originator Graff. Later that year, the style gets heavier, but that could be Raab's work as well as Graff.

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