Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wednesday Ad Day.

Aftr showing you the Paul arthur signed Caniff and Sickles ad for Postum from my own collection, I went to Newspaperarchive to find some more. To my surprise I found that the series was nof started by Caniff and Sickles, nor was the ghostly Desperqate Dan figure designed by them. Here are four samples from the late thirties. Only the last two are by Canif and Sickles. These are all from daily papers and seem to be cut down and black and white versions of the Sunday ads. Additionally, I found no 'Paul Arthur' ads in 1939 and no Mr. Coffee Nerves ads from 1939 till 1948, when the character seems to have been revamped.

From 1934:

From 1935:

From 1936:

March 1937:

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