Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Taking Pain

Wednesday Advertising Day.

No matter how many times I notice it, it never stops to amaze me how long some of the comi ad campaigns stayed around. These days any product wil have a new campaign every two years. Back in the forties and fities campaigns sometimes ran for more than ten years. I have shown samples from the Ben-Gay Peter Pain series before, but today I am showing one of th eroldest I have ever seen, from 1946. Since the latest I have sween if from 1956 or later, it means this series and this Peter Pain character was around for ten years at least. All this time the comic strip ads were drawn byartist Jack Betts for Johnstone and Cushing. I don't know if he designed the character as well but that seems possible. Betts drew this series as well as Neddy Nestle in a recognizable style, which he often was allowed to sign. Both series seem to have appeared once a month.

Jan 6 1946:

Feb 17 1946:

Dec 28 1947

Jan 4 1948:

March 21 1948:

Feb 5 1950:

March 12 1950:

Jan 28 1951:

This later ad was marketed just at the kiddies, from Dec 6 1953:

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