Thursday, February 26, 2009

Arabian Knight

Tuesday Newspaper Story Day.

So here I was quietly gathering long runs of Jet Scott to share with you, when about a Month ago a mail went through several Yahoo groups saying that a major publisher was planning to bring out a complete collection of this forgotten strip with the full cooperation of artist Jerry Robinson. Over the next period I will share whatever bits and pieces I have, but for more of the story you will have to wait until the collection comes out and get it.

Jerry Robinson was a major comic book artist in the forties. In the fifties he tough evening classes at the New York School of Viual Art, effectively training a whole new generation of name comic creators. After that he started Jet scott. I have show the first two weeks and some of my other Sundays earlier, but here is a short run form februari 1954. The first Sunday is supposed to be the one for Feb 14th, but it doesn't seem to fit. Maybe I mislabeled it while scanning. I am showing it firsdt, so you can see for yourself. After that is the next two Sundays and the dailies between those.

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