Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Delta Bravo

Wednesday Advertising Day.

From Wikipedia:

The phrase "Roger Wilco" may refer to:
A phrase from two-way radio used as a voice procedure. It combines "Roger" (meaning "Received") and "Wilco" (meaning "will comply"). The letter R had been Morse code shorthand for "Received", and over the radio it became "Roger" in the RAF phonetic alphabet. In the military, Roger and Wilco are used exclusively. Roger does not imply that they will comply, while Wilco means received and will comply.

Roger Wilco (Space Quest), the main character in the Space Quest series of computer games
Roger Wilco (Get Fuzzy), the brother of Robert (Rob) Wilco in the comic strip Get Fuzzy
Roger Wilco (software), a brand of voice chat software
Roger Wilco (song), a song by singer and songwriter Shawn Colvin, from her album Whole New You

Roger Wilco also was the name of the main character in an series of comic strip ads drawn by Hi and Lois' artist Dik Browne, when he was working for the comic strip ad agency Johnstone and Cushing in the late forties for Powerhouse candy bars. Somewhere between 1946 and 1947 a new comic strip adventure of this he man hero appeared in newspapers all over the country. The strip and the character probably weren't designed or originated by Browne, who only signed the May 1947 ad below (the only one from my own collecion, as the rest are taken from micro-fiche copies). In an intreview about his period at Johnstone and Cushing Browne said he never signed anything, because that would limt the amount of work you could get, as clients were used to thinking any artist was only capable of one style. Still, this one strip (and possibly the whole series) represents the earliest work by Browne I have ever seen, signed or otherwise.

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