Monday, March 09, 2009


Monday Cartoon Day.

Crockett Johnson is know to the comic community for his comic strip Barnaby Jones. The rest of the world knows him as a children's book writer and illustrator of the fifties and sixties (most notably from the Harold and his Purple Crayon series).

He also did a short lived panel cartoon in 1955, called Barkis. The cartoon was later compiled into a book, that is almost completely rperesented on Kevin Huizinga's website devoted to the book (, but here are a few of the actual dailies. The main character is a dog and the gimmick of the book is that it tells you what a dog's bark actually means in different situations, but the panel seems to have had a larger scope. I didn't check, but my guess is some of these cartoons were not included in the book.

I got most of my information from another great site completely devoted to the life and work of Crockett Johnson at

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