Saturday, March 14, 2009

Film Extra's

Saturday Leftover Day.

As promised, here are some more film ads from the late forties in newspaper strip style. I scanned one from my own collection and found two more om They are not all from the most interesting films, but some of the stars may be familiar to you. As I said, I think it is remarkable that I have never read about any of these ads. These must be some film fans out there, who would appreciate these odd filmerabelias. They all seems to be for R.K.O. films, so my guess is that someone at that studio or at their ad agence really liked comics and kept ordering them until someone higher up stopped them. Are they all by the same arist? They could be? But who? It could be either Stan Drake or Leonard Starr, but I am not fameliar enough with their early work to tell. If it is either of them, Starr is the more likely.

The Farmer's Daughter with Joseph Cotten from Aug 16 1947:

Tycoon with John Wayne, from Dec 14 1947:

The Return of the Bad men with Randolph Scott from July 11 1948:


Smurfswacker said...

Interesting strips. I tend to agree this could be Leonard Starr, although there are some "Fine-ish" touches in "The Farmer's Daughter."

I swear the star heads in "Farmer's Daughter" are pasteovers...they all have haloes, whereas the backgrounds are allowed to touch the heads of the other characters.

Of course the client may have dictated that no line should touch their stars' faces...who can say? But having experienced first-hand what a pain clients can be about likenesses, I wouldn't be surprised to find pasteovers an inch deep on the celebrity heads.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I had a look for the ad mentioned in the previous post and couldn't find anything but the bad reviews.