Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Intermezzo From Mars

Wednesday advertisement Day.

I was going to share a coupel of pages from the ad strip Volto from Mars with you, but googling the history and creators for this strip I found out that the incomprable Alan Ortie has already liberated all of these strips on a website of their own. He also ads that the artits were not onloy Frank Robbins (which I knew) but also Al Plastino (one of the biggest of all stylistic chameleons, who not only did these in a Milt Canifdf style, but also is said to have drawn a whole years of replacement strips for Peanuts for the Syndicate (even though they never saw print).

Go and look for yourself. I am going to scramble for a replacement.

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Buddy Lortie said...

Thanks for mentioning my Wiki page, but my name is Arthur Lortie, not Alan Ortie! Though I suppose a rose by any other name ...?

Ronald Harris writes to inform me that the key to identifying which Volto strips "were drawn by Robbins and which by Plastino is in the lettering. Robbins lettered his own stuff, and had a distinctive lettering style ... he underlined words "repels" and "attracts," which the letterer(s) of the other strips rendered in boldface."

I'll be adding that information to the page soon.