Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Just A Litle Bit Extra

As you may know, I am a big fan of Alan Holtz' Stripper Guide blog. He is the most knowledgeable researcher of newspaper comics on the web today. He is also working on a complete list of all strips published, so I am keeping my eye open for that one. Today he has an interesting item from Editors and Publishers about a special Dick Tracy strip from 1949. In 39 episodes the readers have to find clues to win a fantastic prize. The whole this is a promotion to sell newspapers, of course. I went online and looked for a couple of samples, but it seemed all the samples I could find were from small town papers directing their readers to a big town paper not available to me. Anyway, here are two of those ads, containing four of the strips.

Comic strips to sell papers! Who would have thought of it!

Maybe later, I will scan my own late fifties run of Dick Tracey Visits Great Britain from Tracey home town paper.

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Smurfswacker said...

I wonder who drew these strips. It's definitely not Gould. It looks rather like an artist with a more realistic style struggling to imitate Gould's unique approach. I also notice the uneven lettering...the daily strip's lettering was usually quite precise.