Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Late Delivery

Tuesday Newspaper Strip Day.

My first posts here concerned Stan Lee and Dan DeCarlo's almost forgotten strip about a small town mail man, Willie Lumpkin. Most books and websites state that this strip ran 'only in 1960', but I had already found that it started in December 1959 and probably ended in January 1961. After some more research I found it actually ran until May 6 1961. That is five months more than usually stated (not counting the start-up month in 1960). The Sunday seems to have ended a little bit earlier and I'll get back to that when I have more information. But first, the last week of Willie Lumpkin. This brings the end of this strip a lot closer to the start of The Fantastic Four and The Marvel Universe. The FF #1 appeared on the stands in November 1960 and must have been written in late spring early summer.

For more of Willie Lumpkin, including some color Sundays use the tag.

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Angelo said...

I hope you remember me, I am Angelo from Italy...
I am sorry I disapperead because some personal problems but now I am back to thank you to give us all these interesting things.
I really appreciate the Willie Lumpkin's newspaper strips and I repeat I will do my best to help you to find the missing ones.
May I ask you if you have a list of the missing ones, please?
If not I will try to make it.
Ciao and thank you,