Saturday, April 11, 2009

From Small Acorns...

Saturday Leftover Day.

Some more of the Ukiah Redwood Journal weekly comic strips we talked about this week. Three new additions. Good Ol' Dad seems to have been a one time special, maybe because of father's day? But isn't that earlier? The Amrican Way by Tom Kay (with a K) predates this page by at least a week and it appeared (sometimes on the comics pages, somtimes somewhere else in the wednesday paper) for a half year after most strips stopped, so it may be a seperate feature. Ralph Stein's panel seems to have been a sperate contribution as well.

May 31 1950:

June 7 1950:

June 14 1950:

June 21 1950:

June 28 1950:

July 5 1950:

July 12 1950:

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