Wednesday, April 08, 2009

As Long A You Brush Your Teeth Afterwards

Wednesday Advertising Day.

The Sunday Powerhouse ads may be the only work Dik Browne ever signed while he was at Johnstone and Cushing (follow the tag for more samples). But he didn't sign all of them. And since the campaign ran over a period of three years (I have samples from 1945 and 1948) it is not clear if Browne originated Roger Wilco or if he just inherited it. Still, there is a continuence of style, whic would make it possible for him to have done them all.

Jan 4 1946:

March 3 1946:

May 12 1946:

July 17 1946:

Srpt 1 1946:

Nov 3 1946:

July 27 1947:

Nov 16 1947:

Dec 21 1947:

May 16 1948:

June 6 1948:

Apart from the Sunday series, there were also daily chapters (at least in 1945). They are from the same time period, but again it is not certain f Browne was involved. But it does look like the style of the man who had just desgned the Chiquita Banana Lady. I have added the two I showed earlier.

Nov 26 1945:

Dec 6 1945:

Dec 10 1945:

Dec 17 1945:

Dec 27 1945

3 comments: said...

On the assumption that Roger weren't homosexual, he should have spent some time with these women! One of them might have proven to be a very fine wife!

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Now why would you assume he is not gay? I mean, the obvious obsession with physical looks, the need to put women down, the fact tha he would rather hvae a power bar in his hand than a kiss from a pretty girl... and you never actually see him eating the power bar, do you? That would ruin his figure. said...

Perhaps, where the Power Bar were concerned, he would spit instead of swallow.