Sunday, May 10, 2009

Illustrating Barbara

Sunday Serial Day.

After illustrating two serials for Associated Press Milt Caniff got too busy with his other assigments and Mel Graff took over. As far as I ca seee, he only did one serial, this rather uninspiring soap opera. He did his drawings in wash, showing very little of his later near perfect Noel Sickles imitation on Patsy. But he did keep using wash and wash effects through the rest of his career.

I am just showing the illustrated episodes here. These represent about half of the whol three month run, as these things were usually illustrated mre in the first few weeks.

Dec 12 1932:

Dec 13 1932:

Dec 14 1932:

Dec 15 1932:

Dec 16 1932:

Dec 17 1932:

Dec 19 1932:

Dec 22 1932:

Dec 27 1932:

Dec 31 1932:

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